So much stuff!


I have a pretty large backlog of pictures and it was a tough choice to figure out what art to highlight on my new website. Like the little piggies to the right – These cute fondant figures ended up on a cake but they’d almost be at home in my miniatures gallery.  I love them!

In the end I decided only clay sculptures will go into the gallery… for now. A little self curation is probably wise but I make no promises for how long I can keep it up!

Cookie Break


In typical fashion I worked on a couple of other projects before finishing the webpage. Such as the cookie monster above! He’s cute and I got a yarn animal request from some coworkers. I really enjoy too many different types of arts and crafts.

And so it begins!

The website is starting to look like a website, but before I go much further I have to decide on one small detail. Do I want to use my “real” name or an online identity?

Signature dirty

I’ve always signed my art (if I had signed it at all) with my initials, MAS, often with the year of creation in the loop created by my ‘S’. While this makes sense among friends and family did I really want to open myself up to the internet? Tentatively, I say yes, I’ll be my own brand. I could change my mind next week, who knows? Until then, I’ve made a slightly elaborate  version of my signature to use in some of the website elements.

Edit: Funny enough, I decided that just my signature was good without the paint pallet addition. Sometimes you have to stick to the classics.







Bloggity Blog


Website building has never been a strong suit on mine. WordPress is definitely geared more towards blogs so I figured that I might as well do a few posts while I figure out what my finale design will be. Who know? Maybe I’ll keep this feature.

In the meantime, if you want to see how this bear drawing was made feel free to hop over to my Youtube

Welcome to the jungle… err my first post

Looks like I’m doing a website, I’m told all the cool kids are doing it. What, with their pins and being Insta-ready. What’s a girl to do?

In all seriousness though, having my own site for art will be a good thing once I figure it all out.


Thank you for joining me on this journey.