A Little About Felting

I love many different art forms from digital painting to sculpting, though lately I have mostly been concentrating on felting. I figured it would be a good thing to explain a little about the process.

Felt is usually made from sheep’s wool and is one of the first fabrics ever created. You don’t even need to spin the fibers into yarn or weave it to make felt. Each strand of sheep hair has little tiny hooks that can get stuck on each other, when enough fibers are tangled up it becomes ‘felted’ and the individual fibers make a larger object like sheets of fabric, balls, or even cute little animals.

There are plenty of tutorials out there that can explain how to tangle up the wool so I won’t go into too much detail but I will say there are two main ways of doing it. Wet Felting uses water, soap, and a little bit of elbow grease. In my opinion it’s best for flat sheets and simple shapes. Then there is needle felting (most of my art pieces are done with this second method). In this method a special barbed needle is pushed into the wool to slowly compact the fibers together. Even a small creature may be stabbed thousands of times in order to get the right shape and density.

One other fun note about felting. Even though sheep’s wool is the most common fiber used, it’s not the only option. Alpaca, llama, and even bunny hair can be used. These natural fibers can be blended to get the best result. Store bought felt is usually synthetic and won’t play well with natural fibers so keep that in mind!

Progress Report

I’ve had a few shows since my last entry. Portland wasn’t profitable but my other two were! I was at Sacamine labor day weekend and while I wish I had done even better making back my base costs was a good sign. I am also in a small local gallery and while sales have been slow there my upfront costs are small so I’ll consider that a win. I’ll be doing another anime convention in November so things are looking up. Outside of just getting sales, my biggest challenge is keeping up with all the social media. These days its expected to have a good web presence but I find it’s a part time job all on it’s own!

Things are going well so far!

As I predicted I haven’t been the best at keeping this little blog updated but other aspects of my reentry into selling my art have been great. I now have a shop open. My first con, BLFC, was somewhat successful. Next I will be able to do a show in Portlandimage (3)

After that I’ll be in Sacramento at the end of august for another convention. I can hardly believe it! I feel I am fortunate to have these opportunists.

New Logo

cropped-logo2_w_only.pngI changed the logo again but I really think this one will stick. Which is a good thing seeing how I’ll be selling next weekend!

I’m very excited to sell. I already have my bags packed even though I still have one more week to wait. Work has needed me more than usual so I’d much rather be prepared anyways.

Dragon. And I got into my first con!

First of all, yay dragon!


Second all I’m happy to report I have a place to sell him. I just got accepted into a convention happening in my home town so this should be a great little test of how well I can do in the convention circuit. I should be trying to art galleries as well but I might be feeling a tad intimated by the process.

Now entering phase two…

The website is done for now, I have paper samples coming in the mail for business cards and art prints. I’ve even put our my first application to sell at a convention as an individual. It’s all very exciting!!!

Per the usual though, I’m off learning to work with new materials again. This time I’m learning to do felt sculptures so that I can make art dolls. My very first doll with armature (wire hiding on the inside so it can hold a pose) came out as a smashing success in my opinion. The creature below is a Manokit, a fantastical blend of shark and canine. It’s not perfect, but for a first attempt I can’t really complain.IMG_6926

Back to the classics



I focused a lot on printmaking in school, so much that I got a mini roller press for a graduation present. It’s great for small relief or intaglio prints and I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it. When I asked a screen printing kit this past Christmas it apparently confused my family – they didn’t realize there were multiple ways to print. Haha, I tried to educated them but clearly I’m more passionate about the subject than the average person. Long story short, I got my kit! I finally got to play with it today and while I wasn’t instantly perfect at it I think I’ll get use to the process real quick.




So much stuff!


I have a pretty large backlog of pictures and it was a tough choice to figure out what art to highlight on my new website. Like the little piggies to the right – These cute fondant figures ended up on a cake but they’d almost be at home in my miniatures gallery.  I love them!

In the end I decided only clay sculptures will go into the gallery… for now. A little self curation is probably wise but I make no promises for how long I can keep it up!

Cookie Break


In typical fashion I worked on a couple of other projects before finishing the webpage. Such as the cookie monster above! He’s cute and I got a yarn animal request from some coworkers. I really enjoy too many different types of arts and crafts.