The good and bad so far in 2020



It’s barely February and this year has already been crazy. I’ve made the decision to do art full time (though I have not finalized a date for that yet) and I think just knowing I will have time to improve has helped me improve. If you look at the deer picture from this post compared to doe I featured in my last blog the difference is immense. So I feel like I really am still improving and growing as an artist. On the other hand though I’ve already faced some disappointment this year. A “real” art gallery messaged me through Etsy to be in their show, the idea of finally getting recognized by the fine art community was so appealing I ignored the fact they wanted an application fee to apply for the show. I figured if they went through the effort to scout me they must want me…. And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t get picked for the show I had been scouted for. It’s not all that surprising when I look back on it but the sadness, almost shame, of not being good enough for a real gallery was very real to me. I’m trying to not get down though, and have even applied for some more ambitious places (though, only the ones that don’t require application fees upfront.) 2020 could still be my artistic year!

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