For a few months now I’ve been manking many of these cute little creatures I call cyclopsen pods. I’ve made over 40 of them all together and still each one has a bit of their own personality which I an happy about. I have the physical form down, so I really should consider if I want them to have an involved back story or not. Below is my working description of them/



These one-eyed six legged creatures are playful and love to interact with any sapient being.  They’ll playfully let you think they are related to octopuses… unless of course you take one to the ocean, then they’ll panic because they don’t handle water well. Mischievous and harmless looking, they love to attach themselves to people and stick their tongue out at passersbys. Whether they are whimsical fae from beyond the veil or are cuddly space invaders intent on taking over the earth tribble style is anyone’s guess.

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