Commissions Continue

This year has been rough, I don’t know a single person who hasn’t had life impacted by 2020. But now it is December, and with the new year looming around the corner I want to send out some positive energy and be hopeful that next year will be better. So I want to flip the script, see the silver lining, and remind myself that these trials may one day be a shining accomplishments that help me grow. My best accomplishment this year was continuing to work on my fiber art in spite of losing most of the venues I could sell it at.

Deer Family Commission December 2020
Deer Family Commission December 2020

I didn’t just work to keep my hand busy either, I worked to improve. Without all the show and conventions I didn’t need the small impulse buy type items I sell the most of. So this was my chance to get artistic, test techniques, new materials, and work on my understanding of anatomy.

Honey Badger sold via Etsy 2020

And something great started to happen. I wasn’t just improving, people were noticing it! Big pieces I thought for sure would sit around for a while because I had to price them high were selling and I was getting commissions both big and small. The past couple of months have been close to profitable and that is amazing all things considered.

Covid Gnome Commission December 2020

So I’m feeling optimistic. Almost confident (for the first time since the pandemic began) that I can make it in this world with my art. So crazy!

If you want to learn more about commissions feel free to email me:

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