Virus VS Artist

Naturally with large gatherings being banned across the nation now is a rough time for professional artists, any small business really. I follow a few small time sticker companies and they are pretty much begging for people to keep buying stuff. I’ve definitely have had to slow down on buying material for shows because at this point I don’t know when I can sell again, if people will come, and if they will have any disposable income. I thought, briefly, about trying to get my old bakery job back. After all I could start over again in a year, maybe the universe would be more forgiving of me trying to start a business at that point. But then, much like taking a year off of school, would I really be able to pick back up where I left off? Maybe I would, but I’m going double or nothing on this art thing. It’ll hew through my saving considerably but I’m going to stick with my business long enough to see if things become a bit more doable in summer. Until then I should just keep creating, after all, I may not be able to find chicken in the grocery stores but I won’t starve and I can make my own fluffy chickens here at home.

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