Piggies Galore

Gloucestershire old spots breed, sleeping

Strange how life goes! About a year ago today I made a little felted pig in preparation for doing the spring fair up in Washington state. Covid came along of course and that show was cancelled and that little pig sat in my Etsy shop for a long time. Eventually though he did sell and the buyer left a review stating she was looking for more pigs.

Rear end view of that first pig

I find it a bit strange she didn’t just message me directly so I sent her a little note asking for more details about her project. I learned she is doing a whole little display inside an old bird cage, a piggery if you will! Haha other than the round about communication she has been fun to work with and has been challenging my felting skills since she wanted more poses and now more breeds. She buys almost all my piggies now the week they get put online. So quick in fact, I decided to make this little blog post to show them off since linking back to my shop isn’t going to work if things are sold out. It’s a good problem to have. (and as a side note I do take commissions 😉 So without much further ado, below are some of the pig pics I was itching to share.

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