Dragon Scarfs

My journey into wet felting continues! I successfully made a dragon shawl as a commission and now I’m onto doing some for retail. Wet felting is such a relaxing thing, only down side is that it really dries out my hands. I know you can do it with dish gloves on but I like being able to feel the piece as I felt it.

This is the scarf I did on commission that started it all!

As for advertising so to speak, I’ve been posting pictures to my social media of course and I did have one random person get a bit upset that I called them “dragon” scarfs. Haha… it’s true the form is simplified to make them more wearable but I like to still think of them as dragons. I could switch to calling them winged serpents but that is a bit of a mouthful! We’ll see how I feel by my next show.

In the mean time I really like the way I get to play with color on these guys and it’s rewarding to make something that has a practical use too! I’ve got the supplies for two more and I think after that I should wait until one sells before I go too crazy.

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