Spring Fair at Puyallup WA 2021

Life really does march on. Just one year ago I was accepted into the spring fair in Washington. The event boasts a long history and their fall version is one of the largest fairs in the country! Then of course, the virus happened and the show was cancelled.

Front View of Display of my work at Puyallup Spring Fair in Washington

I was surprised a few weeks ago to see an email from the NW Artisan Market (the fine art craft fair within the main fair) and they were trying to fill spots! I was shocked that they were moving forward with a fair already. From what my family who lives up there tell me Washington has been particularly restrictive because they were sort of ground zero for the pandemic here in the states. Anyway, the organizers created sort of a drive through fair experience with opportunities to get out of the car for a few of the activities. It sounded like a pretty solid plan to me so I booked a last minute flight and arranged it so my sister would house me for the 2 week event.

Display of my work Puyallup Spring Fair in Washington

They had a lovely set up inside the Artisan Market. It is so nice to do an event where I don’t have to lug around tables and selves myself. They gave me this display (I think it’s called a gondola) and for the first time ever at a show I had more than enough room to display everything. It was insane! I have an inventory of over 300 items right now. It is inspiring me to rethink my normal set up too.

Display of my work Puyallup Spring Fair in Washington – Close up on dragon scarves

I think I learned a lot from doing this show. It sadly, does not look like it will be profitable for me. There’s still 3 days to go at the time of writing this, so anything is possible, but I won’t be holding my breath. That’s ok though, as a business sometimes you have to take those risks, and even if I didn’t make money I did learn a lot of things. Plus hey, it’s still kind of impressive to say I sold at a state fair!

Back Side of my Display at the Puyallup Spring Fair in Washington

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