Bunnies Galore!

With spring around the corner I figured it would be time to needle felt some bunnies. My very first felted piece was a rabbit made from a kit I got in 2018. Since then my bunny game has definitely grown. They are one of my most popular items and as a result I seem to keep improving… haha making them even more popular.

Comparison between my early bunnies. The one on the left is my very first felted piece!

Sometimes I almost get annoyed that they are so popular! After all, there are so many animals out there that I haven’t felted yet. But in the end I do get to felt lots of creatures and you know what? Rabbits have an amazing amount of variety to them as well. Once I started to dive into different breeds and colors I realized there is still a lot to explore.

I wonder how they might evolve next! In the meantime happy spring everybody!

Bunny Eggs made for Easter

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