How to out-do myself?

A few months back I made a ferret sculpture out of wool and clay. In my opinion he is probably my best piece to date. Look at that face!

The whiskers are horse hair and fun to poke!

Trouble is he sold super quick and I wanted to use that momentum to make more awesome things but nothing measures up. I’ve done some good pieces since then but I am not in love with them like I was with this ferret. Perhaps that’s the way it needs to be? They can’t all be the best pieces ever, right? Haha I’m not sure… It could also be that as I improve I’m just getting harsher on myself. Here’s a look at some of the creations that came after my ferret:

What to you think?

I think it’s good to always be a little critical of your own work because it’s hard to improve if you’re not thinking about the things that can be improved. Buuutttt it is easy to overdo it and get way into your own head too.

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