Commission Information Continued

It’s really hard to estimate the cost of a piece ahead of time! Below are a few felting samples and example pricing. Each project is unique so be sure to check with me about pricing at

Large art doll  $100 – $400IMG_7672 (1)
Large dolls have a wire armature and are posable. Great for displays, stop motion animation, and as a conversation starter at conventions. Things that effect price include but not limited to, the amount of wiring I do such as articulated fingers versus nubby hands, wings, movable ears and more. Other add-ons can include embedded magnets (in the feet for a self standing doll) and some accessories. Clothing, if desired, will be extra.

IMG_6950 (2)

Medium Art Doll $50-$100
Medium Dolls are simpler than their larger companions. They won’t have magnets or movable fingers but there is still some poseability since the arms and legs will be wired.

Small Doll $30-$50IMG_7873
Simple and cute, these little guys are a great option for those who are budget minded or just enjoy chibi-like characters. The character design shown is a commission I took at my last convention and belongs to his owner.

needlefelted cow

Large Animal $75-$300
If dolls don’t appeal to you than a soft sculpture of your favorite creature might. These are generally realistic unless you ask for  a cartoon style.



Needlefelt Bunny





Medium and Small Animals $15-$75 

At this size I tend to simplify the animal and make them cuter.




white dragon comission 4

Dragons $150 – $400

Pictures left is a recent dragon commission I did that featured a clay head and claws. 





3d Badge Art $30-$60IMG_7857
Looking for some wearable art? I can sculpt a badge of your favorite character! These suitcase friendly pieces of art are made extra stiff in order to handle being taken to a convention to show off. They are made with a slightly concave back so if the badge gets squished it can absorb some of the pressure and then be popped back out again. Thin wire goes through the whole piece so it won’t tear from normal use.


Eggheads $20-$30

I’m excited to offer custom eggheads! These little cuties are weighted at the bottom so that they can stand up on their own. They’ll wobble if you poke them but stay upright.



All prices are ballpark figures, email your requests to melissa@wishlessworld to get a quote.